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CHAINovation AFRICA is a South Africa-based, globally aligned supply chain consulting company focussing on delivering value to clients by transforming Supply Chain performance. Our approach is collaborative and coaching-centric to ensure that our clients are left with, not only a quality deliverable, but also fresh perspectives for ongoing transformation.


CHAINovation AFRICA has built strong partnerships with highly-regarded entities including SAPICS and ASCM, and we are a proud SAPICS Authorized Education Partner (AEP) and part of the APICS Consulting Partner Program (CPP)


Our strong international network allows us to back up all work that we do with skills, experience and knowledge that exist throughout the global supply chain community - To deliver world-class supply chain consulting, advisory and education services to our clients

What we Offer


We offer 5 key services to clients:

  • Supply Chain Optimization primarily using the SCOR methodology

  • S&OP Process, People and Technology alignment

  • Supply Chain Risk Assesssments

  • ASCM-Enterprise Training and Evaluation

  • Supply Chain Skills and Training

In addition, through our network we provide the following:

  • Resourcing for supply chain related projects

  • Supply Chain Innovation and opportunity exploration

  • Sustainable supply chain assessments


SCOR-Professional Training & Certification

ASCM-Enterprise Training & Evaluation

Join Monica Lammert, SCOR master instructor, for the world's first LIVE virtual SCOR-P training classes - Next class schedule commences 12 April 2021.


Learn more about upcoming SCOR-P Training

CHAINovation AFRICA's strength lies in in its local and international network of skills, experience and resources. We leverage off our network and resources to deliver a high quality solution incorporating the latest supply chain methodologies and frameworks.

Using the power of the industry's first supply chain-specific 3-tier framework, ASCM-Enterprise, we assess your organization on the new currencies of the supply chain - ENVIRONMENT, ETHICS & ECONOMICS

Learn more about ACSM-Enterprise

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For any queries or to set up a coffee chat to discuss your business please contact:



email: gswanepoel@chainovation.com

phone: South Africa + / USA +1.858.868.1891

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